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Kempinski Garden
Yacht Wedding
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St. Cyril and Methody Church
St. Peter and Paul Church
St. Ludmila Church
St. Vitus’s Cathedral

Catholic Ceremonies

Catholic ceremonies are legally valid in Czech Republic. You are welcomed to explore the most beautiful, historical churches and venues available for your Catholic wedding in Prague and in the surrounding areas.

Details for legally valid catholic ceremony in Czech Republic:

  • The Bride and Groom have to submit the required marriage certificate
  • For Catholic weddings, there are specific regulations that couples must comply with (please contact us for more details)
  • Catholic ceremonies cannot be performed for divorced people, irrespective of whether the previous marriage was held in church or in registrar office.
  • The ceremony lasts about 30 minutes
  • Two witnesses are required by the law
  • The ceremony is usually performed in English, Czech or Russian by a catholic priest
  • It is essential to arrive 3 working days prior to the wedding date to visit local offices and finish up paperwork