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Civil Ceremonies

In the Czech Republic, the very heart of central Europe, you can find many beautiful locations for a legally-binding civil ceremony.

We invite you to view different wedding settings from majestic Prague Town Halls to magical romantic Castles. You can then choose the perfect ceremony venue according to your approach and expectations.

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Details of the legally-binding civil ceremony in Czech Republic

  • The civil ceremony can be conducted by a Mayor, Deputy Mayor or authorized member of the municipal council
  • The civil ceremony takes place in a Registry Office or in a licensed venue
  • The Bride and Groom have to submit the required legal documents prior the wedding ceremony
  • The ceremony lasts about 20-30 minutes
  • It contains no religious elements or anything with a religious connotation
  • By law, two witnesses are required
  • The ceremony is performed in Czech
  • The presence of an officially authorized court interpreter is required, if either the Bride or Groom does not speak Czech
  • The ceremony follows Czech civil code after which the couple exchanges personal marriage vows, rings and first kisses