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Other venues:
Old Town Hall
New Town Hall
Vrtbovska Garden
Vinicni Altan
Chateau Liben
Hluboka Castle
Sychrov Castle
Zbiroh Castle
Karlstejn Castle
Troja Chateau
Lednice Chateau
Jindřichův Hradec Castle & Chateau
Dobříš Chateau
The Chateau Of Jemniště
Dětěnice Chateau
Castle Bečov Nad Teplou
Castle Bechyně
Chateau Štiřín
Chateau Mcely
Martinický Palace
Kempinski Garden
Yacht Wedding
Wedding in the Sky
St. Cyril and Methody Church
St. Peter and Paul Church
St. Ludmila Church
St. Vitus’s Cathedral


Because the wedding day is definitely one of the most unique lifetime events, we invite you to underline this unique occasion by having your reception at really special place – we will bring you directly to the heaven. Cosmopolites’ Wedding offers you to have your exclusive Dinner in the Sky! This is a right thing for those couples, who wish to transform a common reception into a magical moment that will leave a lasting impression on their guests! Dinner in the Sky is hosted at a table suspended at a height of 50 meters, and you can test there any of your preferable kitchens: French or Italian, Asian Fusion or simply Czech kitchen, this choice we will leave on just you!

In case you element is water, we are glad to invite you to have the reception on the Yacht. Just imagine your guests’ impressions having French Champagne and fresh oysters passing below the Charles Bridge and enjoying the beautiful view of Prague’s Castle. What can be more romantic?!   

Please, contact us with your entire request considering organization of your wedding celebration.