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Wedding in the Sky

sky mianWedding in the Sky is a marriage celebrated in heaven for couples who want to bring their chapel a little closer to angels on their wedding day by raising it 50m up in the air. This is a unique event meant for couples who wish to transform an ordinary marriage into a magical moment that will leave them, their witnesses, families and friends with an unforgettable memory. It can be held anywhere (beach, public place, private property, castle, historical site…) - there is no limit to your imagination. All these dreams are now possible with this unique concept.

Wedding in the Sky is hosted on a platform, where 20 guests are strapped in an aircraft seat, suspended at a height of 50m by a team of professionals, where after the ceremony you can also have your unique reception – Dinner in the Sky.

Wedding in the Sky may include a second crane with a platform (or more if required) at the same height as the marriage platform, for entertainment such as music or dinner.

We do want to provide our clients with the most exclusive experiences ever dreamt in a total safe way. 

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Ceremony type: Civil, Protestant, Vow Renewals, Symbolic
Capacity: 22 guests seated
Ceremony days: Please enquire
Ceremony hours: Please enquire

Please note:

  • In case you need an extra crane with a platform, please enquire;
  • The price of the package is for the ceremony held in Prague, can vary according to the enquiry of the other venue;
  • Catering is not in the price, will be provided if requested.

Package: Exclusive Romance in the Sky

  • Personal Wedding Planner to manage the whole wedding planning process (to cater for personalized wedding arrangements) with unlimited email correspondence
  • Providing of assistance for how and where to request and collect all legal documentation in the country of your origin
  • Support with all legal documents collection and verification in Prague (includes court translation and fees)
  • Wedding Coordinator to monitor your wedding ceremony (on-site)
  • Immigration Police for registration of legal staying in Czech Republic 
  • Registry office and rental fees
  • Rent of the crane with platform for 4 hours
  • Delivery of the Bouquet for a Bride and Boutonniere for a Groom to your hotel
  • Transfer (limousine – Lincoln TC) to and from wedding ceremony for Bride and Groom (up to two hours, 60 km around Prague is included)
  • Ceremony Music 
  • Flower decoration
  • Technical equipment
  • Ceremony Interpreter as required by law
  • Wedding witnesses if necessary
  • Toast for Newlyweds after the ceremony (Czech sparkling wine) 
  • A marriage certificate translated to the appropriate language and mailed to you via post
  • Guest service (Accommodation booking, Airport transfer arrangements....etc)

You are welcomed to personalize the basic package with additional services to accomplish your wedding dreams.

PRICE: 241,700,- CZK inc. VAT
8,950,- EUR inc. VAT

Please check the daily exchange rate stated by the Czech National Bank.

Price in EUR might vary based on the daily exchange rate.
Price is subject of change without prior notice.

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Please note:

  • Price may vary for each nationality; please request for more details.
  • An additional cost is imposed to manage legal documents processing for divorced and/or widowed couples.