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Medieval Weddings

If your nature is truly romantic, why not arrange to have your wedding in one of the countless fairytale castles or palaces of the Czech Republic? A more romantic setting can hardly be imagined! Another choice would be a ceremony in the medieval town hall of one of the historic royal towns of Bohemia.

A medieval wedding dress and Groom’s attire are, of course, essential for more romance! To underline all the majesty of the fest you will be welcomed by king and queen surrounded by their escort and accompanied by medieval music the ceremony will be held.

Among the most romantic – and hence the most popular – locations for your costumed wedding are the castles of Sychrov, Zbiroh, Detenice or Karlštejn. And yet the list of places available for a wedding is much more extensive.

Details about Medieval ceremony in Czech Republic:

  • The ceremony can be either Civil or Symbolic
  • The Medieval wedding is usually performed by costumed actors
  • The ceremony is supported by the spectacular show with Medieval music

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