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Wedding book

Cosmopolites‘ Wedding  Agency will be pleased to make your wedding story unforgettable. Combining the uniqueness of the handmade binding, the most advanced digital technologies and the creativity of professional designers, this is the idea from which the wedding book originated. Two hundred specialists work on the color correction, design, control, printing and binding of your book. With more than sixty steps, the whole production process is handled with the most advanced digital process and printing technologies. This book is created to last for many generations, preserving the photographic work and retaining its shape and colors.


Our book sizes range from the majestic 40x50 to the new 35x45, the classic 30x40 to the compact 25x35 and 20x30. There are corresponding landscape versions and square options available from 40x40, 35x35, 30x30, 25x25, 20x20, 15x15, 10x10. You can choose the photographic or the metallic paper with digital laser printing or, as an alternative, the textured or smooth board with the digital offset printing (4 color ink printing). The wedding book is meticulously designed in styles that compliment your images.

Our highly trained team of professional designers will transform your images using state of the art equipment to scan, design and publish your photography.

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