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Wedding Photographs are the most wonderful and lasting memory of your big day. Our professional wedding photographers will capture the highlights of your special day and this is why we opt to work with only the best professionals in the country who have a long track record in photographing weddings in all types of styles, from photojournalistic to traditional posed portraits.

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Review of our photographers

Photographer No.1

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Lukas’s very own style of wedding photography has developed very quickly. He always captures the right moments, looks for the perfect light and great locations. At the same time he ensures that you look glamorous and gorgeously, because wedding day is a very unique lifetime event. Lukas captures the wedding quietly, without dictating what is happening, except portrait session where he can give you some valuable comments. Not less important part of his job starts right after the shooting together with enhancing the pictures, converting them to breathtaking black&white, creating fine-art wedding photographs, emphasize the wedding day moments.

Photographer No.2

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A wedding photographer is not an ordinary person following couple in their wedding day. It must be someone who is familiar with the ceremony which couple goes through in the very details. Yana is one of the best wedding photographers of Gothic Prague. She knows every picturesque corner of this glorious city and will follow you with shining smile.

Kisses, loving hugs and tears - all these things you will discover in her photography. There is so many life and feelings are in it that you will be amazed many years afterwards.

That is not just words. Two hundreds couples all around the world can confirm every and each of them!

Photographer No.3

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Sergio is a wedding photographer living in Prague. Have a look on his works and you will understand his ability of catching the moments…

Photographer No.4

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Kurt Vinion is an International award-winning photojournalist and wedding photographer living in Prague. Kurt regularly shoots weddings throughout the Czech Republic and Europe. His wedding style is a fusion of reportage (or wedding photojournalism), fine art, as well as magazine styled portraiture.

As a portrait photographer his work is regularly published internationally in the world's leading publications.

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