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Symbolic Ceremonies

The Symbolic ceremony has recently become popular especially for those couples who prefer not to worry about completing legal documents for their destination wedding. This type of ceremony is not legally binding but the ceremony follows the same procedures as a normal wedding, so guests do not even have to notice it.
This means you can get legally married in your home country and then enjoy the freedom to personalize your dream destination wedding; the choices are only limited by your imagination!

Details about Symbolic ceremony in Czech Republic:

  • The ceremony is not legally binding
  • There is an endless choice of spectacular, romantic venues since there are no legal restrictions
  • The ceremony can be fully personalized using favorite songs, personal vows, poetry or religious elements
  • A keepsake Symbolic Marriage Certificate is signed during the ceremony by the couple and two witnesses (the certificate is not legally binding)
  • The symbolic wedding is usually performed by a Celebrant in the native language of the Bride & Groom, or even by a family member
  • No requirements to arrive 2 - 3 days prior the ceremony as usually requested, you can arrive the night before your big day