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Vow Renewals

The Vow Renewal is a beautiful way for already married couple to re-affirm their love for one another. Wedding vows are precious expressions of the ongoing love in their marriage. With no legal restrictions, the ceremony can take place virtually anywhere in Prague or in beautiful castles of Bohemia giving your Vow renewals day such an aura of magic that you will hardly believe it real.

Facts about Vow Renewal Ceremony in Czech Republic:

  • The ceremony is not legally binding
  • It is requested by already married couples
  • An endless choice of spectacular, romantic venues since there are no legal restrictions
  • Ceremony can be fully personalized by reading original marriage vows, or a favorite song or poem
  • The Vow Renewal ceremony is usually performed by a Celebrant in the native language of the married couple, or even by a family member
  • A Keepsake Vow Renewal Certificate is signed during the ceremony by the couple and two witnesses
  • Arrival only the night before the memorable day

Please note:

  • For more information and prices please inquire with our managers